Class Guidelines

Class Booking

Class bookings can be made 7 days in advance of the class. It is important that you book your class in advance since some classes are more heavily attended than others.

We also limit our class sizes so that they are not overcrowded. If a class you wish to take is full, we will place you on the wait list and notify you of an opening as soon as possible.



Please give us 2 hours’ advance notice if you cannot attend the pre-booked class so that we can release your booking to waitlisted students.


Preparing Yourself Before Class

We will provide everything you will need for your practice: mats, props and towels.

Yoga is best enjoyed on an empty stomach, so eat lightly or not at all for 2-3 hours before.

Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after class.

Tell your instructor about any injuries. This will help the instructor know how to adjust you or show you a modified pose if necessary. 


Class Etiquettes

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. All classes start on time. Once class starts, you will not be allowed in. Please do not leave the studio while class is in progress.

No talking : The yoga studio is a silent room. Please do not talk while in the studio.

No eating : Do not eat in the studio.

No shoes : Remove your shoes before entering the practice rooms. Keep your shoes in your locker. Shoe lockers are also available for rental.

No mobiles : Make sure your mobile phones and other electronic devices are switched off.

In helping to improve our environment, please be conscious of the number of towels that you use.

Please be courteous to staff and other students at all times.

Students are to be reminded that the teacher's role is to guide and assist students through the class, which may not include the demonstration of all postures.


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