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Back Bend and Hip-opening workshop with Raja Gupta

2-3 March 2019 9am-12pm

  • Back bend and Hip-Opening Workshop with Raja Gupta

           Date: 2-3 March 2019 9:00am-12:00pm

           The Workshop includes 45 minutes theory and 2 hours 15 minutes practice both days.

  • Hip opening basic to advance level posture (yogasana) with alignments and its anatomy workshop with master Raja.

Knowledge of hip opening practice and anatomy.

Different types of asana for back bend will be introduced in this workshop from basic to advance level.

Upper back, middle back, lower back, one leg back bend, back bend on knee, prone line back bend, two leg back band, arm balance back bend, leg balance back bend.

  • What will you benefit from this Workshop?

       How to open upper back, Middle back & Lower back with proper alignment and safety and understand the anatomy.

  1. Benefits.
  2. Anatomy of back.
  3. Alignment.
  4. Techniques to make back more flexible by using different types of props.
  5. Know the range of motion and limitation of back flexibility.
  6. How to breath during back bend.
  7. How back bend work on body system. 
  8. Which chakra is activate and how it work.
  9. You will learn how to improve if you have any injury or pain while doing back bend.
  • Who can attend this Workshop ?

       It is suitable for all levels. If you have slipped disc or disk herniation please consult doctor before joining.


Early-bird price before 15/2:

One day: $1,270

Both days: $2,400


Regular Price:

One day: $1,465

Both days: $2,800


For enquiries and registration, please email or message us for a spot

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Whatsapp: (+852) 93863267 Helen


Raja Gupta的後彎和開髖工作坊

    日期:2019年3月2日至3日 上午9:00至中午12:00

    地點:Karma Yoga









1. 後彎的好處。

2. 背部解剖。

3. 後彎的順位。

4. 通過使用不同類型的道具來加強靈活性的技巧。

5. 了解運動範圍和背部靈活性的限制。

6. 如何在後彎時呼吸。

7. 如何彎曲身體。

8. 哪個脈輪被激活以及它是如何工作的。

9. 如果您在彎腰時有任何受傷或疼痛,您將學習如何改善。













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Whatsapp: (+852) 93863267 Helen


Yoga Master Raja Gupta


Being born in a small quiet village in India, I grew up as an ordinary boy, going to school, hanging out with friends and even playing truant sometimes. Honestly, I had never been an outstanding student with high academic results, but school sport activities like running, archery or volleyball were always of my special interest. When I reached the age of 14, my Physical education teacher encouraged me to go for the State Yoga Asana Championship, which eventually became a significant turning point in my life. To everybody’s surprise I, a yoga amateur practitioner at that time, achieved the first place in that competition, marking the start of my yoga journey. 


Early career


The more I grew up, the stronger my love for yoga got. In order to gain a Professional insight into yoga, I decided to be Graduate in yoga and worked as a personal yoga trainer in Mumbai. Gradually, I realise that yoga is more than striving for difficult asanas; it is indeed a long path that enables us to reunite with our true self and find true happiness. This belief later becomes the heart of my teaching methods when I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam to work as a full-time yoga teacher in 2014. 


Yoga Teaching philosophy 


My teaching style is the combination of Indian traditional yoga practice and modern approach. I always follow vinyasa flow in which strength, flexibility and stability of each and every body movement are emphasised together with proper alignment, breathing and focusing points (direction to see & feeling).  I hold that these techniques can create a balance between each practitioner’s body, mind, and soul.  




In 2015, I started teaching 200h yoga teacher training course (200h YTTC), and since then I had taught more than 25 YTTC for hundreds yoga students-teachers, who are now achieving notable success in their yoga career. Some even have their own centres and spread yoga spirit to many other people. 


These days, with long experience of solving different problems that students usually encounter during their practice, I am running various courses and workshops to share knowledge about yoga, anatomy and alignments with the hope of assisting more and more practitioners in increasing awareness about themselves. 


852-9386 3267 (Helen)
3/F No.19, Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Mon - Fri: 0700 - 2200
Sat & Sun: 1000 - 1800


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