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4-Week Hand Balancing Training with Miguel Sant'ana

[4-Week Hand Balancing Training with Miguel Sant'ana] - Only Avaialble for Waiting List Registration Now

Dates: Sat 10/7, 17/7, 24/7, 31/7

Time: 10:30am-12pm (90mins)

Place: Karma Yoga

Price: $2400


World-class hand balance master Miguel Sant'ana is coming to Karma this July for a limited 4-Week Hand Balancing Training workshop! Spots are sold out fast, but you could still join our waiting list to earn a chance to practise with Miguel! Please fill in the form at the link below to stay tuned to our future updates. Hand Balance大師Miguel Sant'ana將於7月在Karma進行一連4星期的Hand Balancing特訓班,目前報名限額已滿,請到以下連結填寫候補名單表格,我們將會為您提供此課程的最新消息﹗

Waiting List Registration 候補名單登記


Training Outline

This handstand training in-person format is suitable for beginners to intermediate practitioners. 

Focusing on the foundations of Miguel's method, this training will give you strong confidence in how to start your handstand journey or take your practice to a whole new level. With a clear and effective training program, you will have a clear understanding of all the tools required to achieve your handstand goals, whether it is improving your handstand in general, overcoming the fear of falling, free handstand in the middle of the room, straight handstand alignment or more difficult skills like press to handstand, etc..

Miguel is a self-taught professional hand balancer and coach with over a decade of experience in the hand balancing world. The Brazilian native has been travelling around the globe conducting workshops, retreats, intensive training and much more to many handstand enthusiasts. Over the years he has developed programs for beginners to high level athletes. 

Miguel's mission as a teacher has always been to inspire his students to develop a clear understanding and commitment to hand balance training.

在這個特訓班中,Hand Balance大師Miguel會對學員進行一對一的指導,歡迎不同程度的人士參與,踏上Handstand的鍛鍊之旅,或是提升自己的各種Handstand技巧。Miguel擁有十多年的教學經驗,一直於世界各地的Handstand學生精心設計不同的訓練課程,致力讓學員更深入了解Hand Balance,建立鍛鍊的信心和熱誠。


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