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Valentine's Day Partner Yoga Wheel Class

Promotion Period: 14 February 2022

Valentine's Day Partner Yoga Wheel Class 

Make your reservations for Valentine's Day AFTER a 75 minutes playful partner yoga wheel class at Karma!

Grab a friend, significant other, child or family member and come have some fun while testing out your balance, and coordination while making various shapes using the Dharma Yoga Wheel!

No experience is needed. This lighthearted class will leave you feeling relaxed, loose, and cheerful!

Cost: $300/2 people or $200/1 person (we will match individuals up!)




在 Karma 參加 75 分鐘有趣的伙伴瑜伽輪課程後,預訂情人節!

搵個朋友、重要既人、小朋友或者家人,黎享受瑜珈輪既樂趣,測試您的平衡和協調能力,同時用 Dharma Yoga Wheel 做各種動作!

唔需要任何經驗。 呢個愉快的課程會令您輕鬆D同放鬆D!

費用:$300/2人 或 $200/1人(我地會為單人配對!)




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