Karma 2020 Referral Programme

Gain health and happiness this new year and inspire your friends to have the same!

Invite your friends and family to Karma by giving them a 7-DAY GUEST PASS to all our locations and 20% OFF JOINING OFFER for 9 or 12-month yoga packages! You will enjoy rewards below if they successfully join Karma!

Karma 2020 Referral Programme Rewards

1st successful referral HK$500 in Karma gift vouchers AND a stainless steel water bottle
2nd successful referral HK$500 rebate on yoga package fee
3rd / 4th successful referral reward HK$500 in Karma gift vouchers
Top 5 referrers will also receive their choice of Skin & Co gift vouchers valued at HK$4,500!

Terms and conditions applied. Refer to the referral program registration form / ask our support team for details.

Karma Yoga x Skin&Co

From Now to January 31, 2020

凡參加 Karma 課程的學生購買任何課程,可以免費領取 Skin&Co美容療程乙次 (優惠期至2020年1月31日止)

As a partner and proud support of Karma Yoga, Skin&Co. is now offering all Karma students who bought any package 1 Free Skin&Co. beauty treatment. (Expiry date until January 31, 2020)

三選一 | 1 of 3

(1) PiQo4皮秒皮膚均色激光面部療程 (價值$4,500)
PiQo4 Pico Laser Facial Treatment (Value $4,500)

(2) EM slim - 高能量磁波塑肌消脂療程(價值$4,500)
EM slim High energy magnetic wave muscle cellulite treatment (Value $4,500)

(3) Aqua Jet peel 注氧補水更新換膚面部療程 (價值$1,200)
Facial treatment (Oxygen Hydrating Skin Rejuvenation) (Value $1,200)

Tel: 2178-3033 / Whatsapp: 5595-7714 / Email: [email protected]

Studio Session Package Rewards

Purchase Karma Studio Session Package now to get 1 FREE Mag Rex Muscle Contracting Treatment:⠀
- Buy 100 Credits Package: enjoy 1 FREE part
- Buy 200 (or more) Credits Package: enjoy 2 FREE parts (30 mins each part)

Contact Lisse for booking:
Tel: 2116 9888 / WhatsApp: 6114 5551 / WeChat: lisse_hk

Karma Yoga x Easyoga Joint Promotion

Join us now to get an exclusive 10% discount on all Easyoga items at Leisure Corner (just a few stairs down our Causeway Bay studio)! We're also offering a first-visit offer for all Easyoga Hong Kong customers - trial of regular classes at $130 only! (promotion code: EASYOGA-FIRST)

It is required to present the class booking confirmation to Leisure Corner to receive the 10% discount on Easyoga items before the purchase.

Leisure Corner: 2/F, 19 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Terms and conditions applied and subject to change.


852-9386 3267 (Helen)
[email protected]
3/F No.19, Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Mon - Fri: 0700 - 2200
Sat & Sun: 1000 - 1800


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